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Something even better than a PO Box

Is a PO Box really the best thing to spend your hard-earned money on when looking for an alternative to your home address? Keeping your home address private may be the driving force to finding a suitable PO Box, yet a PO Box can be no more private than simply using your home address.

PO Boxes were once seen as the answer to keeping your home address private and were particularly useful for home business owners. Yet the real address behind a PO Box is readily available to the public on request, and with the advancement of technology, traipsing down to the Post Office to get your mail is very 1900's.

For the convenience of your home address still unprotected and collecting the mail yourself; Royal Mail charge an eye watering £2 .....

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Christmas delivery gearing up

As the nights draw in and a chill descends across the country it can only mean one thing...Christmas is coming!

A joy for most, but for the delivery services and Royal Mail it's all hands on deck to cope with the usual Christmas deluge of gifts and cards to be delivered from John-o-Groats to Lands End.

For the postal industry it means thousands of extra staff taken on to deal with the holiday rush, and first out the blocks is the parcel carrier Yodel.

Yodel have announced that 7,000 extra jobs will be created (with over 10% in London) all over the UK. While these seasonal jobs are usually always temporary, Yodel have brought further good cheer to job applicants in that many of the positions created are expected to becom .....

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Final government stake sold in Royal Mail

The government has now sold its final stake in Royal Mail completing the privatisation process. Since December 2013 public owned stakes have been gradually sold off with the final 13% being sold at 455p a share.

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