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Posted in 'Students' by Arron Dickens

09 September 2016

UK students can now keep their financial affairs safe from the prying eyes of identity fraudsters and even from curious parents. We are offering a free trial of our services for up to one year, giving students all of the benefits of having post digitised without affecting their bank balance.

It’s easy to lose track of post when living in shared accommodation, and there can be a lot of unknown ‘friends’ of flatmates coming and going regularly. The fact is that many students work unsociable hours; flats can be left empty and security is often not a priority in the busy student lifestyle. So it comes as no surprise that students are one of the biggest risk groups when it comes to identity theft. Typically a student rarely notices a missing statement, so any unauthorised spending will go unchecked for some considerable time.

As a student it can also be a hassle to get addresses updated. Many students change addresses at least once each academic year, and therefore it is much easier to simply use your ‘home’ parents address to receive all post. This brings its own issues. Either parents have to keep hold of a large stack of unopened items (often causing bills to go unpaid or important university information to be missed), or parents will open some or all of the mail. Opening someone else’s post is no longer unlawful if there is a ‘reasonable excuse’. If the envelope looks like something important, that’s probably enough of an excuse for parents. For the more studious among us this may be no issue, but I certainly would have preferred a more ‘private’ option when it came to my mail while studying at university!

Scanmypost fixes all of these issues with a simple solution. UK students can sign up and receive a unique, private UK address. This address is then provided to a selected few – banks, credit cards, the choice is down to the individual. Or the student can set up a one-off redirection with the Post Office of all mail to the address. Then when mail is received we:

1. Open the post in a secure environment (under CCTV surveillance)

2. Scan each piece of post and upload it to the appropriate account (obvious junk mail is discarded automatically)

3. Email and/or text to let the recipient know we have received mail

The student can then login to a secure online account and view the scanned items of post. If this is required to be stored or forwarded to any UK address, we can sort this out. After 28 days the original post item is securely shredded. The digital copy remains available to view at a later date.

To take advantage of this great offer, students simply need to go through our sign up process in exactly the same way as any other customer. A subscription option needs to be taken - and the first payment is made using valid card details. If signing up using an email address, simply email us at with ‘student’ in the subject line. The refund will be processed back to your card - it should only take a few days to go back on your statement.

If you are a student but don’t have a email account, then just attach a copy of your course enrolment letter from your University or UCAS, and we will process your refund back to your card.

We offer four subscription levels depending on the level of mail you would expect to receive. All of the options give you a unique address at our offices (this appears as an apartment number at our address in Truro, Cornwall) and can all be cancelled at any time, hassle free.

The cheapest package available is our Very Light User subscription, which costs £2.99 a month. This gives you 5 page scans for free, with extra scans costing 36p. If you choose this option as a student, you will get the basic £2.99 first monthly subscription fee refunded.

Our second cheapest monthly subscription (the Light User service) costs £9.99 a month and includes 40 page scans each month. This is usually sufficient for students who redirect all of their post to us. If you go for this option, the first monthly payment of £9.99 will be refunded to your card.

Launched in 2010 by Credit Reporting Agency Limited, Scanmypost applies the same high levels of data security to that is applied to the credit reports that the company provides to consumers via, and The company has a strict privacy policy which includes a guarantee that the email addresses of its customers will never be sold to any third party.

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Arron Dickens

Author image

Arron has a degree in Business Administration from Cornwall Business School. He writes mostly on matters relating to living overseas.

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