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Sam Twyford

Sam has a degree in Business Studies from Bristol University West of England. He is a County football player and has captained local teams at both Truro and St Ives. Sam writes on a range of topics focusing on the world of business.

Articles recently posted by Sam Twyford

Understanding WHOIS

For a lot of start-up businesses a functioning website is crucial. In fact, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say every business needs an online presence to operate in this digital age.

Setting up your own website may seem like a straight forward process, and in reality it can be, but there are considerations which need to be addressed when you become part of the World Wide Web.

One of the first actions when building your new website is to have your website owner information published with online directory WHOIS. When you operate your own website it is difficult to remain anonymous and you must register your personal information with WHOIS, which holds an online directory of website owners publishing names, addresses, c .....

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To buy or not to buy

Purchases of a second home generally fall into one of two categories – a buy-to-let investment where the rental can supplement an income/pension, or a holiday home which can be used as a weekend bolthole or summer holiday residence. Owning a second home is a more achievable life goal in Britain than it ever was before. Low interest rates and the availability of buy-to-let mortgages has meant more and more people are investing in a second home.

Perhaps unsurprisingly London does have the largest concentration of second homes in the UK – the vast majority for work related purposes, while the country’s coastal counties remain the most popular for second home buyers looking for a holiday home.

The last census data revealed that s .....

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