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Kelly Luff

Kelly has a degree in Media Arts from the University of Plymouth. A former competitor in Masterchef, Kelly writes mostly on matters relating to freelancing and student interests.

Articles recently posted by Kelly Luff

Students want lecturers' qualifications readily available

A question has been put to students on whether they should know the academic qualifications of their university lecturers.

According to a study by the largest online UK student community – The Student Room, 77% of respondents felt they should know what grades and qualifications their university lecturers got in their own academic studies. One in five of those surveyed said that knowing lecturers qualifications would ‘definitely’ influence their choice of university.

When you’re paying roughly £64k for a degree getting value for money is essential – so should you consider how well a lecturer performed academically when considering university choices? Shouldn’t students want to be taught by the best lecturers? Surely having som .....

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