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Under what circumstances would you terminate my ScanMyPost account?

Mostly, if you don’t pay us, or if you break the law or if you bring our address into disrepute, such as using your new address for hiding from creditors.

If your card payment is refused, we will try to obtain payment from your card but if we are unable to do so for a sustained period we will eventually terminate your ScanMyPost account.

We may also terminate your ScanMyPost account without notice if we think you have used our services for any unlawful purpose, if you claim that our address is your principal place of business, or if you bring our address into disrepute. Examples of bringing our address into disrepute includes adverse publicity, receipt of distress warrants or service of writs at our address, or visits by debt collectors or bailiffs, but most often relate to using ScanMyPost to hide from creditors.

After the account is closed, you will not be able to re-open it or to view any post received.

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