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Very Light User

If you’re looking for a really inexpensive UK service address, or just looking to keep your home address more private, our Very Light User package costs just £2.99 a month and includes 5 page scans.

Users of this package include Company Directors who wish to avoid having their home address on the public Companies House record – our Very Light User Service is specially designed to suit the needs of most company directors. The subscription can cover your company for any one individual and their partner, representing incredible value for money for assured peace of mind.

£2.99 a month including 5 page scans

  • 28 day storage included
  • Additional page scans 36p
  • Forwarding letters within the UK at £4.99 plus cost of postage
  • Forwarding of parcels, packets or international letters at £4.99 plus cost of postage
  • Cheque deposit service £4.99 per deposit

Website owners who purchase domains may have similar needs. Rather than paying the expensive proxy services offered by some hosting companies, our Very Light User package enables you to use your ScanMyPost address to keep your personal details protected and away from spammers and rogue domain renewal companies – we identify these as junk mail and shred them automatically.

Expats with just a few items of post still being delivered in the UK are also users of this package. If more items are received than the inclusive 5 page scans per month, any additional items are charged at 36p. Upgrade at any time if your usage increases such that our other packages give you better value for money.

Whatever the reason for using ScanMyPost, 28 days’ free storage is included, after which time, in the absence of your instructions, we shred the items and dispose of them confidentially. If we receive a letter for you, we can forward it on to you for just £4.99 per item plus cost of postage. This also includes international forwarding.

Key Benefits

  • Exceptionally inexpensive
  • Protect the privacy of your home address
  • You control which post is to be diverted
  • SMS or Email notification of receipt of post
  • View your post securely online 24/7
  • Optional longer storage and forwarding

Valuable items, such as a passport, travellers cheques, share certificates or life policies, are automatically forwarded to your home address, and a charge starting at just £4.99 plus cost of postage will be levied.

Security, flexibility and the peace of mind that you are dealing with a highly regulated information company with over 10 years’ experience of handling sensitive information, can be enjoyed for just £2.99 a month.

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