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Students can avoid many common nightmares by using ScanMyPost.

By living in halls of residence, in shared accommodation, or even in student flats, the risk of mail interception, and identity fraud, is very high indeed.

£9.99 a month including 40 page scans

  • 28 day storage included
  • Additional page scans 36p
  • Forwarding letters within the UK at £4.99 plus cost of postage
  • Forwarding of parcels, packets or international letters at £4.99 plus cost of postage
  • Cheque deposit service £4.99 per deposit

Even if bank and credit card statements are continued to be sent home, there is sometimes a risk of a parent opening them , which in many cases is an equally daunting prospect.

And let’s face it, who wants mounds of post (some of which is usually unopened) lying around a bedroom, making it much more untidy than it need be?

The answer to all of this is to arrange for your post to be sent to a service address provided by ScanMyPost. We’ll open each item and scan it, then email you or send a text to let you know we’ve received something. You can then sign in and see your post online, whenever you like.

Not all your post needs to be diverted to ScanMyPost. You give your ScanMyPost address only to those you wish to. So any ‘packages’ from home, birthday cards and the like can continue to be received at your student accommodation as usual.

We’ll keep the original item for 28 days, after which time we’ll arrange for it to be confidentially destroyed (and recycled, for ecological soundness) by one of the World’s leading confidential waste management companies.

If you would like us to forward the original item, just tell us within 28 days of receipt, and we’ll send it on to you for a small packing and administration fee of £4.99 plus cost of postage. Or, if you would like us to store it on your behalf, just tell us and we’ll be happy to keep it securely for you, until you ask us to shred it, or forward it to you.

Key Benefits

  • Keep bank and credit card statements private
  • SMS or Email notification of receipt of post
  • View your post securely online 24/7
  • De-clutter your student accommodation
  • Help prevent identity fraud

Your post is always available to view online, and you can organise it into categories if you’re that way inclined, keep what you like, or shred the online version, whichever suits you best.

ScanMyPost helps keep your affairs more secure, helps reduce the risk of identity fraud and significantly improves your privacy. And it keeps you better organised and free from postal clutter too.

Most students find that our Light User service will fit their needs best. This costs £9.99 per month and includes 40 page scans a month. Additional page scans cost 36p. You can always upgrade at any time.

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