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Public sector employees

Monitor your post when away from UK

When you are posted outside the UK, whether for a short assignment or for an extended tour of duty, ScanMyPost ensures that you are able to continue to check your post regularly and without delay.

First you sign up to ScanMyPost and then give the address we provide you with to all those contacts and organisations that are likely to send important letters to you while you are away. We then receive the items of post, scan them, email you to let you know we’ve received them, and you can then sign on to ScanMyPost and view each item of post from anywhere in the World, at any time.

£32.99 monthly inc. 150 page scans

  • 28 day storage included
  • Additional page scans 36p
  • Forwarding letters within the UK at £4.99 plus cost of postage
  • Forwarding of parcels, packets or international letters at £4.99 plus cost of postage
  • Cheque deposit service £4.99 per deposit

We keep all items for 28 days and then shred and confidentially dispose of them, unless you ask us either to store the item securely. Or, if you wish us to forward the item securely to you, you’ll be charged a small packing and administration fee from £4.99 plus postage. Any overseas postage or freight costs are charged extra. You decide to whom to give your ScanMyPost address, and you decide which items you wish to keep, to have forwarded, or just to keep the scanned records on file.

That way you’ll be able to keep on top of things, all scanned post items will be accessible securely online, and you won’t come home to an unwelcoming mound of unopened post. And you may well be able to claim the cost from your employer as a work related cost under current HMRC benefits guidelines.

It’s also useful to know that we’re experts in identity fraud, and we’ll also keep a knowing eye on the post we receive on your behalf. If we spot anything suspicious, or that we know to be part of a serious identity theft scam, we’ll email you right away, ready to give you all the advice you need to know on how to protect your identity.

Key Benefits

  • You control which post is to be diverted
  • Email notification of receipt of post
  • View your post securely online 24/7
  • Optional longer storage and forwarding
  • Help prevent identity fraud

Our Regular User service usually fits the bill best for most officials posted abroad, and this costs £32.99 per month and includes 150 page scans a month. Additional page scans cost 36p. If you think your post is a little less weighty, sign up for our Light User service first. This costs £9.99 per month and includes 40 page scans. You can always upgrade at any time.

For real peace of mind, security, flexibility and accessibility, ScanMyPost makes your posting abroad so much easier to manage.

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Your post overseas

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