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Landlords and property owners

Post to internet service

If you have a Royal Mail post redirection in place on a rented property, you’ll be more aware than the actual redirection of important items of post can be a bit hit and miss. For reasons unknown, some items still seem to get through and you must be careful to ensure that the redirection is renewed promptly or else the service will suddenly stop.

An alternative is to use ScanMyPost to ensure that any post sent to you at the rented property, from important senders, is received quickly and kept securely.

£9.99 a month including 40 page scans

  • 28 day storage included
  • Additional page scans 36p
  • Forwarding letters within the UK at £4.99 plus cost of postage
  • Forwarding of parcels, packets or international letters at £4.99 plus cost of postage
  • Cheque deposit service £4.99 per deposit

You give a ScanMyPost service address to all important contacts for the let property - your mortgage company, utility companies, the local authority, and anyone else you wish, so that all post relating to the property, which is specifically for your attention, comes directly to us. It is never redirected from our service address, so once we receive any item addressed to you we scan it within 24 hours and notify you of receipt by email or by text message.

You can then log in to ScanMyPost to view the scanned image securely online. If it’s of value and if you ask us to do so, we can forward the original to you for a small packing and administration fee of £4.99 plus cost of postage or store it for you securely free of charge. In the absence of your instructions, we’ll simply keep each item for 28 days and then arrange for it to be confidentially shredded and recycled. You’ll always be able to view the scanned image for as long as you are a subscriber.

Key Benefits

  • You control which post is to be diverted
  • SMS or Email notification of receipt of post
  • View your post securely online 24/7
  • Optional longer storage and forwarding
  • Help prevent identity fraud

If you let more than one property, you can ‘tag’ each scanned image so you can better organise your post between the properties.

Sadly, let properties are also vulnerable to identity fraud, a subject where we have much experience. For that reason we will also keep a careful watch on the post we receive and if we spot anything suspicious, or that we know to be part of a serious identity theft scam, we’ll email you right away, ready to give you all the advice you need.

Most landlords are Light Users of our services. This means you can enjoy peace of mind at a reduced rate of just £9.99 per month including 40 page scans a month. Additional page scans cost 36p.

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