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Business User Service

Outsource your mail handling to us, view all your post online securely and quickly, have all your cheques banked promptly and save time to free you up to manage your business.

The real UK address we provide you with as a Business User can be used as your registered office if you wish, for no extra charge, which means you can run your company from anywhere in the World. If you have several trading names for your company, you can register to use up to three of these within the same Business User subscription. Each company or other legal entity requires a separate registration and subscription.

£43.99 per month including 500 page scans

  • 28 day storage included
  • Additional page scans 18p
  • Forwarding letters within the UK at £4.99 plus cost of postage
  • Forwarding of parcels, packets or international letters at £4.99 plus cost of postage
  • Cheque deposit service £4.99 per deposit

You have complete control of the persons and companies that are advised of your ScanMyPost address. Each item of post from those persons or companies is then sent direct to us.

Once we have authenticated you, we open and scan each item and then notify you by email (or SMS if you prefer, and are in the UK), so that you can log in and access your mail online, and manage it as you wish.

Within the Business User package you will benefit from 500 page scans. Any extra pages are charged at 18p. After the agreed storage time, and unless you request otherwise, we will confidentially shred and recycle all items.

Key Benefits

  • Take mail handling out of your business
  • View your post securely online 24/7
  • 28 day storage included
  • Optional longer storage and forwarding
  • Optional cheque deposit service
  • Includes free use of our address as your registered office

If we receive packages or items of value, such as cheques, passports, life policies and the like, we can forward them to you, for a small postage, packing and administration fee of £4.99, plus any overseas post or freight charges if appropriate. If you wish us to forward any other item of post to you, the same fees apply.

If you would like us to bank cheques for you, we’re happy to do this at a cost of £4.99 per credit slip, irrespective of the size of the cheque or the number of cheques banked. To use this service, please let us know beforehand, as we are required to authenticate you at a higher level to satisfy UK money laundering regulations.

Flexibility and security are the key to our services – if you need a more bespoke service or something a little out of the ordinary, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

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