Inexpensive PO Box alternative

A scanmypost address offers several advantages over a traditional PO Box address. If you run a business from home, a scanmypost address is a secure way of keeping your home address private.

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How scanmypost works

Give your unique scanmypost address to anyone you wish and we’ll scan your post
and make it available for you to view online wherever and whenever you want

Sign up to scanmypost and verify your identity

We issue you with a scanmypost address

Give your new address to whoever you wish

We receive your post, scan it and notify you

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Who uses scanmypost?

Anyone who wants to keep their address private, or who is looking for an efficient alternative to a UK PO Box, or who wants to remove physical post from the home or office, or who wants to manage and store post online.

Professional alternative to a PO Box

Make your business look much more established than if you use your home address. Sign up and receive a geographical address and not a typical PO Box.

No matter where you, or your business is located, your unique scanmypost address will ensure that you have a permanent physical address.

Keep your home address private

Retain the privacy of your home address, especially if you’re a company director or run a business from home. A PO Box alternative can provide you with extra protection so you can avoid any unwanted visitors on your doorstep.

By having your mail sent to your scanmypost address will also help to reduce your chances of falling victim to identity fraud.

Parcels accepted from all couriers

Unlike a PO Box, parcels from all couriers, and not just from Royal Mail, can be accepted and forwarded for a small fee. Any post addressed to you or to your business will be scanned and made available for viewing the very same day.

Our price plans

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Premium User

  Account Setup Fee
Account Setup Fee £10 one-off charge
  Monthly Fee
Monthly Fee
Charged 30 days after setup
£4.99 £9.99 £29.99
  Personal Use
Personal Use
  Business Use
Business Use Not permitted on this plan
  Scans Included per Month
Scans Included per Month 10 Pages 40 Pages 150 Pages
  Additional Scan Cost
Additional Scan Cost 25p 20p 15p
  Letter Forwarding
Letter Forwarding £2 per item
UK & International Addresses
  Small Parcel Forwarding
Small Parcel Forwarding
Under 2kg and W35cm L45cm D16cm
£7 per item including delivery
UK Addresses only
  Medium Parcel Forwarding
Under 2kg and W46cm L61cm D46cm
Medium Parcel Forwarding
Under 2kg and W46cm L61cm D46cm
£10 per item including delivery
UK Addresses only
  Large/International Parcel Forwarding
Over 2kg or larger dimensions
Large/International Parcel Forwarding
Over 2kg or larger dimensions
Arrange your own courier plus £5 handling fee
UK & International Addresses
  Mail Archiving
Mail Archiving £3 per item archived
All mail not archived or forwarded is destroyed after 28 days
  Cheque Deposit Service
Cheque Deposit Service £9 per cheque
Paid in on the last working day of the week received
  Website owner/WHOIS Address
Website owner/WHOIS Address Not available on this plan
  Director’s Service Address
Director’s Service Address Not available on this plan
  Company Registered Address
Company Registered Address Not available on this plan
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